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Clyde and Seamore - Take Pirate Island


Published: 31/07/2012


Clyde and Seamore is a live show in the water that last approximately 25 minutes. For extra fun, however, guests should arrive 15 minutes early in order to enjoy the pre-show.


The pre-show to Clyde and Seamore is put on by a mime. This is no typical mime, however, as this mime has a twisted sense of humor as he plays tricks on guests and even mocks the crowd ads it enters the stadium. The later guests arrive, the more likely they are to find themselves unexpectedly participating in the pre-show.


Once the show begins, guests are treated to a silly show performed by two Sea Lions named Clyde and Seamore. This pirate adventure also includes special guest performances by a walrus, an otter, and a couple humans for good measure.