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Cinderella's Golden Carousel

Cinderella's Golden Carousel, which was opened in 1971, can be found on Main Street USA within Fantasyland. Simply following the sounds of the organ playing Disney tunes will lead guest to this amazing carousel, which was originally carved in 1917 by Italian woodcarvers.


Cinderella's Golden Carousel was originally a part of Olympic Park, located in Maplewood New Jersey. Disney artists later refurbished it, making the 72 horses look like charging white steeds. In addition, the wooden canopy above the horses depicts hand painted scenes from the Cinderella story. With no two steeds looking alike, every horse moves up and down, making the ride is very popular with young children. In addition, the carousel is quite attractive when lit up at night.


Although Cinderella's Golden Carousel is considered to be a minor attraction, it tends to have long lines because it is slow loading. Lines move steadily, however, because the ride is only two minutes long. In addition, it is open early as a part of the Magic Kingdom's Extra Magic Hour, which means resort guests can enjoy it an hour early before the park opens for its normal operating hours. Guests in wheelchairs can enjoy the ride if they are capable of transferring from their chairs onto the horses.