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Backlot Tour

The Backlot Tour can be located by passing under the archway to the right of the Chinese Theater, then taking a left on Mickey Avenue. The beginning of the tour can be found at the end of Mickey Avenue.


In order to take the 25 minute Backlot Tour, guests first form a line beneath an enclosed area. Here, they watch monitors showing videos discussing how movies such as Con Air are produced. Before the actual tour, guests get to watch a demonstration of Hollywood water special effects, such as how a storm at sea is produced, or the battle of ships. Audience participation is included as part of the water and pyrotechnics demonstration. Guests who are at the front of the line have a greater chance of being asked to participate in the demonstration.


After the water presentation, guests take a tour of a prop warehouse. Here, they can see props that were used in a variety of famous Disney movies as they wait to get on board the tram that begins the actual tour. Once in the 200-seat tram, guests get a behind the scenes look at the wardrobe department where they can watch costumers working. Guests also get to see production bungalows, a scenery shop, and Residential Street, on which the exteriors of houses from a variety of popular television shows can be seen.


As a part of the tour, guests also get to go through Catastrophe Canyon. Here, guests can see first hand how flash floods, earthquakes, explosions, and torrential downpours are created for films. There is the possibility of getting wet on this part of the tour. Guests who wish to stay dry should sit on the right side of the tram. The last portion of the tour takes guests past New York Street.


After exiting the tram, guests can visit the American Film Institute Showcase, which features rotating themed exhibits that are related to the special effects used in cinema. A shop is also located within the showcase. Here, guests can purchase TV and movie related souvenirs.


The Backlot Tour is not one of the major attractions at Disney-MGM Studios, but it is busy for the majority of the day. The attraction is wheelchair accessible. In addition, sign language interpreters are available for deaf guests, but arrangements need to be made ahead of time with the Sign Language Coordinator two weeks before the visit. A Hidden Mickey can be located when exiting Catastrophe Canyon. It can be found on the rocks to the left side.