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Astro Orbiter

The Astro Orbiter, which is located in Tomorrowland, was originally known as Star Jets when it opened in 1974. The name was changed, however, in 1994 when Tomorrowland was revamped. 


To access this ride, guests must enter a small elevator, which takes them up to the rocket ship loading area. Guests then step into the rocket, where they can enjoy a 1-½ minute thrill ride that flies over the Magic Kingdom and launches them into orbit among spinning planets while riding in Buck Rogers type jets.  Guests are even able to control their own ascent and descent in space with the joysticks inside these jets, which are placed high above Tomorrowland on top of the Rockettower Plaza. The Astro Orbiter is most popular amongst children and teens.


It is only possible to access the Astro Orbiter with an elevator. This method has a tendency to create long lines. Furthermore, the Astro Orbiter is slow to load and guests in wheelchairs need to be able to transfer to the ride. The ride is, however, open during the Extra Magic Hour, which is available to Disney Resort guests.  This special hour allows Resort guests to enjoy certain rides and attractions an hour before the park opens to the public.