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Animal Actors on Location

Animal Actors on Location is an amphitheater show that is found in the Kidzone area of the park.  The show, which lasts about 20 minutes, calls for audience participation and is fun for people of all ages.


During this show, guests get a close up and personal look at some of the animals that make Universal tick.  In addition, audience members are pulled out from the audience to participate in some of the tricks and routines.


For those guests that remain seated in the audience, they enjoy an alternating live action an stage show that contains video footage of the animals in their movie roles.  These roles range from comedy to horror and everything in between.  Among the tricks audience members learn about is how a bird is filmed in flight with the help of some tricky camera angles and a large fan.


The animals seen during the show vary according to which ones are available for the show during your time of visit.  Regardless of the animals helping to put on the show, the results are always fantastic.  In addition to the fun of the show, guests also get to learn some of the ins and outs of working with animals in the movies. 


All of the seats in the amphitheater provide excellent views of the show.  For guests wishing to be a part of the landing zone for a bird during the show, however, a seat in the middle portion of the middle section is best.