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A Day in the Park with Barney


A Day in the Park with Barney is a 20 minute theater show that is great for toddlers and provides parents with a short break from all of the activity the Universal has to offer. The show offers singing and fun and is the only place in the United States where Barney can actually be seen live.

Parents will be happy to find that the show has its own stroller parking lot, making it easy to unload the little ones in order to go see the show. After parking the stroller, the family can then enter the gate into what is Barney’s park. The park is decorated with a bronze Barney in his own fountain, making it undeniably his park.

When it is about time to begin the show, guests are moved into a standing room only pre-show area. Here, Mr. Peekaboo and Bartholomew dance and sing as they warm up for the show. Then, guests are asked to use their imaginations as they pass through a cave that is sprinkled with stardust.

The misty cavern leads to the circular theater, which is decorated to look like a forest park at dusk. There are low benches set up around a raised stage in the center that are ideal for the children. Adults, however, often choose to seat themselves on the park benches located against the walls. Guests should be careful when selecting a seating location as they are asked to remain in their chosen seat throughout the show. Fortunately, both locations offer excellent viewing of the show.

The actual show, which includes Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ, is not very long and consists primarily of sing-alongs to songs commonly sang on the television show. Typical Barney props are utilized during the show, such as a short snowfall, falling leaves to signify autumn, and shooting streamers.

After the show, Barney remains available for a meet and greet. Each young guest gets an opportunity to meet Barney and have his or her photo taken with him. Young guests can then go enjoy some fun time in Barney's Backyard, which has an entrance from the theater as well as a separate entrance that does not require seeing the show first. Many of the attractions in Barney’s Backyard have size restrictions that limit the attraction to guests 48 inches and smaller or 36 inches and smaller.